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Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been putting this off for a long time because I had no idea how to start, or who might actually want to read it. Maybe no one?

But in the end, after looking at various other origami blogs and websites, I’ve decided to give it a go. It’s going to be a place for me to record a few of my thoughts and findings about topics which interest me and hopefully others as well, and which would otherwise just remain in my head or in various files on my computer.

So what sorts of things will I be covering here? Obviously, it’ll basically be about origami and paperfolding (David Lister’s distinction between them is one of the things I’ll probably talk about at some point) with a model or two now and then, as well as a few related things that fall into the category of “not quite origami but interesting anyway”. Also a few areas of paperfolding history – I’m not a historian, but I do enjoy discovering old books with early examples of folding. Often I’ll just be recounting information collected from other sources, but hopefully from time to time I may have new references to add.

My other main interest is magic (conjuring), which means there will be a bit of overlap as many magicians also enjoy origami.

So we’ll see how it goes, and if I can manage to maintain a reasonable posting frequency, or whether I run out of material after the first couple of months.

Watch this space!

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1 Comment

Oct 29, 2021

Bonjour Edwin,

Je suis heureux de voir ce blog et ton site !

J'ai hâte de voir ce que tu vas y mettre.

Bien amicalement,

François Z.

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