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Fergus Corrie's origami artwork

My brother Fergus (1963 - 2016) was not a folder, but he always took an interest in my origami activities and was very supportive when I started diagramming my own designs and putting together my BOS booklets. Fergus was a talented artist, and helped me a lot with the cover designs and layouts, as well as offering to provide artwork for all three of my Animal Origami books. I had been very taken with the drawings of at the end of Vicente Palacios' first two books, Papirogami and La creación en papiroflexia, showing outlines of "other models" that were not diagrammed in the books but were provided to whet readers' appetites, and I wanted to do the same in my booklets.


Recently I came across a batch of drawings that Fergus had done for two new booklets I was planning to publish through the BOS but never managed to finish. As a tribute to him I'm including scans of the original drawings here.

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