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Nundo Grabbit

It’s been a busy month, and the new blog article I’ve been preparing is taking longer than expected, so just to keep things going I’m going to post some new model diagrams which hopefully will be quite quick and won’t require much comment. At least it means I can keep to my plan of posting at least once a month.

It’s actually three models in one – an unlikely combination of a Nun, a Dog and a Rabbit. Hence Nundo Grabbit. I wasn’t brave enough to call it that on the diagrams, but Nick Robinson was when he asked if he could include it in one of his books I maestri dell'origami along with some very nice models by other folders, which make it worth getting even if you now already have the Nundo Grabbit here. For some reason the Nundo Grabbit is in the French and Italian editions but not in the English version Origami Masters, which seems to be a completely different book. I maestri dell'origami is currently available directly from the shop on Nick's website.

Anyway, I hope you like the model(s). The main point of interest is really the folding sequence and the fact that all three use the same basic form looked at from different perspectives. The Rabbit is unusual because of the extra paper between the front and rear legs. If you make it with black and white paper and display it against a black background, the extra paper is not so visible.

Download PDF • 5.64MB


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