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Double Diamond and Artful Letter Closures updates

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

This monthly posting schedule is proving quite hard to stick to. I do have a new article which is almost complete, but for now this is going to have to be another stop-gap kind of post to provide a couple of corrections (I prefer to call them updates) to the last couple of items.

Artful letter closures

As mentioned last time, I've been revising my June post about Artful Letter Closures. Every time I thought it was done another idea for something to include would come up, but I think now I have to say it's finished. For the time being. Perhaps it would have been better to write a separate post as a "Part 2", but what I ended up doing instead was amending and adding to the original. So for anyone who's interested, if you click on Artful letter closures from 1831 now you'll see the new and expanded version.

Diamonvelopes by Michel Grand

No sooner had I posted my Diamond designs last month than Michel Grand emailed me to say that he'd come up with some almost identical Diamond Envelopes in 2005. He also said he probably wasn't the first, and cited some related folds in The Silver Rectangle (BOS Booklet No. 21, published in 1983), as well as one by Assia Brill with the harlequin pattern on both sides. So my apologies for the duplication, and here, to keep the record straight and with Michel's permission, are his Diamonvelopes.

Note that in the first Diamonvelope you start with a sheet of A4 and fold in half twice, so step 3 is actually four layers thick. Precrease as shown and open up, then continue from step 5. This had me confused for a while, until Michel explained it and sent me the revised diagrams that you see here.

I've also discovered that Paolo Bascetta has a neat non-harlequin diamond (or rhombus, as he calls it) using the same principle but from a square, in his book Origami: 51 Modelli (2010).

Next month

Next month (hopefully in the first half) I should have a completely new post ready, so be sure to check back soon.


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